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We can get rid of trees of all sizes

When it comes to your landscape, trees are essential elements that shouldn't be overlooked. Having properly maintained trees allows you to add an extra touch of beauty to your yard while enjoying some much-needed shade. But overgrown trees can become dangerous and unsightly in a hurry.

The Compadres Landscaping LLC offers tree trimming services and tree removal services in the Beaumont, TX area. Our team is highly experienced and will cater to your property's specific needs.

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All round tree care

Our landscaping professionals know the importance of maintaining your trees by pruning and trimming them. Regular trimming makes sure that wayward branches are under control and will improve the tree's overall health.

Do you have trees that are getting dangerously close to your roofing or nearby power lines? We can help. Our team cuts down trees and can even haul them away for an extra charge. We'll also grind down stumps or remove the root system entirely.

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